Senin, 25 Juni 2012

[New Update Released] [ROM LG P970] BlindSMOKE_FixByHusni-VX-X

I have done the new update released. That is the BlindSMOKE_FixByHusni-VX-X3. This is best for daily used. I'm from indonesian human. i fix the many bugs alone. and this my mod rom. thanks for using. i hope you all like my mod rom. thanks for All. :)

Source Page : 

changes log 1:
* from CM7 R2 plusfix kernel.
* change the super user from setting an fix that To run SU.
* Only english language.
* fix flash ligth on status bar.
* fix LED ligth Button.
* Fix notif setting to english language.
* Include Beat Audio.
* and include bravia engine.
* fix network include 3G.
* fix wifi.

changes log 2:
*Change to ICS cm9 rmcc kernel
*Change Quick office to polaris
*Change Gallry3D to quickpic
*More Batt live.
*Playstore, Facebook, twittet, no FC again.
*Include Dobly Mobile1.1
*Change LatinIME to LG IME.
*Change CarHome Google to CarHomeUltra (Valid Done)
*Include ChainFire 3D Pro 3.3
*Include My Mod Of Mobo Video player BlindSmoke custom. "Thanks Mobo Team"
*Include Songbird as Music default app.
*And many more you can tasted this.

changes log 3:
*Change to ICS good lezo kernel
*Change the overclock governor : savagedzen, lagfree, minmax, interactivex, smartass2, and performance.
*Update setting3.apk
*More Batt live.
*No SOD Again.
*Change the tether apps like wireless and wired usb.
*Change CMpart.apk for my mod. thank cyanogen team.
*Change face of lockscreen.
*change to shendu mod launcher.
*Best for daily use.
*And many more you can tasted this.

changes log 4:

*Fix framework in Auro theme.
*Only Use auro theme. it this good transparant theme.
*Back to CM7 Stable kernel and delete some tweaks.
*Good Daily use.
*Custom Status bar position.
*And many more you can taste by your self.
*Until Now i not yet to solved real multy language fuction. Please give me more and more time to fix that.
Thanks for using my MOD ROM.

Download Link from : 

[Changelogs 1]

[Changelogs 2]

Download 2nd released

[Changelogs 3]

Download 3th released  [NEW Released]

[Changelogs 4]

Download 4th released  [NEW Released/It Done]

Most powerfull kernel

(Please do not the mirrror link respect the work people.)
I'm sory my english not good.. thanks 

4 komentar:

  1. hey!
    First off! Great job!
    So this might be a stupid question, but is the the installation method as usual?
    Factory Reset / Cache Partition
    Instal from sd card?


    1. Hei buddy.the installation method used CWM recovery. wipe data+wipe cache+wipe dalvik fist. then install this rom. thanks too buddy. :)

  2. Thats the basic thing to do always..I think..when installing a new rom.. :-)


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